# Paper ID Paper Title Authors Status
1 1008-ICIL A Cognitive Explanation for the Use of “Fire” in Conceptualization of the Two Feelings of “Love” and “Anger” Azadeh Sharifi Moghaddam Paper Accepted
2 1002-ICIL A comparative Study on Bilingual and Monolingual Children (four - five years) in Understanding and application the Embodiment metaphorical Phrases of Persian language saeede shojarazavi Paper Accepted (Poster Presentation)
3 1028-ICIL A Comparative Stylistic Analysis of Hassan Rouhani and Barak Obama 's speeches at UN Assembly in 2014 فرهاد مظلوم, ساناز افشین Paper Accepted (Oral Presentation)
4 1084-ICIL A Gender-oriented Analysis of Compliments in Online Communication Laya Heidari Darani Paper Accepted
5 1073-ICIL (R1) Analyzing Identity and Other Circuits in Barak Obama and Donald Trump Speeches on JCPOA Amir Rezaeipanah, Somaye Shokati Mogharab Paper Accepted
6 1045-ICIL An Analysis of Grammatical Errors in Iranian Lak Students' Persian Composition Writings Ali Sattari Paper Accepted (Poster Presentation)
7 1036-ICIL An Investigation into Persian Suffixes Showing Resemblance like: '-asa', '-san' and '-sa' in a Cognitive Morphology Framework Yaghoub Shahriari, Amirsaeid Moloodi Paper Accepted
8 1022-ICIL Application of cognitive semantic approach in defining emotion terms in monolingual dictionaries Milad Shariatmadari, Maryam Mesgarkhui Paper Accepted (Oral Presentation)
9 1063-ICIL A probabilistic approach to the generation of speech act conditionals as indirect answers Maryam Mohammadi Paper Accepted
10 1071-ICIL A reflection on the 'Theory of Semantic forms'' hassan fazel kashani Paper Accepted (Oral Presentation)
11 1058-ICIL (R1) A review of recent studies in neurolinguistics using the ERP technique نیره جودی Paper Accepted
12 1074-ICIL a Short glance at some morpho-syntactic differences between Gurani of Kanduleh and Gurani of Paveh (a short report of an ongoing research project on documentation of a Gurani dialect) Zaniar Naghshbandi, Ludwig Paul Paper Accepted
13 1013-ICIL A Sociolinguistic Investigation of Code-Switching: The Impact of Personality, Age and Gender Nasim Kashefi Neishaboori, Zari Saeedi Paper Accepted
14 1094-ICIL (R1) A Study of Clipping in Persian in Optimality THeory تهمینه حیدرپور بیدگلی Paper Accepted
15 1011-ICIL A study of contingent effects of the New Chronology on Linguistics salman soheili Paper Accepted (Oral Presentation)
16 1007-ICIL A study of orthographic depth and grapheme replacement effects on Persian spelling of non Persian speaking students Azam Rostami Paper Accepted (Poster Presentation)
17 1003-ICIL A study of the structure and function of coordinate compound nouns in Farsi with a cognitive approach mehdi sabzevari Paper Accepted (Oral Presentation)
18 1017-ICIL (R1) A study on adpositions in some Persian dialects of Khorasan Shahla sharifi, Narjes banoo Sabouri Paper Accepted
19 1037-ICIL A survey on natural elements of conceptual metaphors in Persian proverbs in cognitive framework Zohreh Safavizadeh sohi Paper Accepted (Oral Presentation)
20 1042-ICIL A typological study of functional properties of subjects in Persian impersonal constructions Niloofar hashemzadeh, Pakzad Yusefian Paper Accepted (Oral Presentation)
21 1091-ICIL Case Marking in Semnani Arash Salar Paper Accepted (Oral Presentation)
22 1047-ICIL Cognitive Representation of Persian Semantic Categories: The Formation of Concrete and Abstract Prototypes Mohammad Hassan Torabi Paper Accepted
23 1095-ICIL Compound Nouns in Persian through Functional Discourse Grammar, a Functionalist Approach to Morphology Arman Zaker Paper Accepted
24 1006-ICIL Core Vocabulary in “Roshde Noamuz” Magazine Seyyed Behnam Alavi Moghaddam, Reza Kheirabadi, Masume Kheirabadi Paper Accepted
25 1072-ICIL Cultural-communicative semiotics of emoji in social messengers, Studied case family culture, sexual culture and language culture Mohammad javad Badinfekr, mohammad sadiqh nasrollahi Paper Accepted
26 1049-ICIL Designing and Developing the Software of Teaching Persian/Farsi Alphabet to Non-native Learners Narges Rostamabadi, زری سعیدی Paper Accepted (Oral Presentation)
27 1085-ICIL Disambiguation methods of Civil Engineering Codes texts: Case Study of Earthquake Engineering Code. Mahdis Mirzadeh, Behrouz MahmoudiBakhtiari, Ali Nasiri Paper Accepted
28 1098-ICIL Ecolinguistics Criticism of Farrokhzad’s “I feel pity for the garden” Fatemeh Mahmoudi-Tazehkand Paper Accepted (Oral Presentation)
29 1018-ICIL Empty categories in the Azeri Turkish language Leila Montazer Sadegh, Faride haghbin Paper Accepted
30 1096-ICIL Gender,social actors and legitimation in children's stories: on discourse analysis framework Sima Bazmi Paper Accepted (Oral Presentation)
31 1087-ICIL inflection of verbs in dialect of Chahkand-e Mud mina saeb, Maryam saeb Paper Accepted (Oral Presentation)
32 1080-ICIL Introducing the External Argument into the Event Structure Yadgar Karimi Paper Accepted
33 1048-ICIL Life Conceptual Metaphor analysis in "The Blind Owl" of Sadegh Hedayat Malihe Anooshe Paper Accepted
34 1026-ICIL Linguistic Corpus and the Essence of Data Structure Masood Ghayoomi Paper Accepted (Oral Presentation)
35 1066-ICIL Loanwords with ّFont- Rounded Vowel; Phonological Adaptation in Persian EFTEKHAR SADAT HASHEMI, ALIYEH KORD ZAFARANLOO KAMBUZIYA Paper Accepted (Oral Presentation)
36 1079-ICIL Looking at Language Through a Biological Lens; Toward a Solution for the Unification Problem mostafa barzegar Paper Accepted
37 1020-ICIL Markedness Correspondence in Translation of Books' titles zoha bayati Paper Accepted
38 1012-ICIL Metatypy in Mazandarani Language and it’s Consequences محمدصالح ذاکری Paper Accepted
39 1050-ICIL Minimal Persian: A Step toward Globalization of the Persian Parsa Bamshadi, Shadi Ansarian Paper Accepted
40 1068-ICIL MOOD TYPE System in Persian and English: A Typological Perspective ٍٍEsmaeil Safaei Asl, Yousef Aram Paper Accepted
41 1088-ICIL Morphological Patterns of Scientific Terminology in Thesauri Database of IRANDOC Moluksadat Hosseini Beheshti Paper Conditionally Accepted
42 1043-ICIL Morphosyntactic Features in Zanjani Dialect Fariba Ghatreh, Soudabeh Eslami Paper Accepted
43 1029-ICIL PersianOrthography in IRIB; the ranking of three TV Channels:Tamasha, iFilm and News BasedonOrthography approved by the Persian Academy of Language and Literature in the Framework of Multiple Attribute Decision Making ahmad kazemifard, fatemeh ahmadinasab, fatemeh azimifard Paper Accepted (Oral Presentation)
44 1031-ICIL Pictorial Illustrations in Persian Monolingual Dictionaries BADRI SADAT SEYED JALALI, AZITA ABBASSI Paper Accepted (Oral Presentation)
45 1040-ICIL Polirization in Family Court Discourse, Divorce Demanding Women Based on the Vandijk’s Theory (2006). Hosein Hallajzadeh Bonab, سید فرید khalifehloo, ferdows Agagolzadeh Paper Accepted
46 1019-ICIL Polysemy Exploration Of Light Verb "Khordan" & "Keshidan" (By Cognitive Prespective) Saeedeh Alinezhad, Niloofar Mansoory Paper Accepted (Oral Presentation)
47 1001-ICIL Possession in Kurdish; In Typology Point of View; Amir Deljoo, Mohammad Sadegh Baghfalaki Paper Accepted (Poster Presentation)
48 1016-ICIL Psycholinguistic Assessment of Reading Comprehension: Evidence of Inference Making Maryam Danaye Tous, Sarana Ghavami Lahij Paper Accepted
49 1038-ICIL Realization of Condolence Speech Act in Ilami Kurdish Negar Sherafat Paper Accepted
50 1078-ICIL Recognition of joy and sorrow in Persian texts by using Single-layer Neural Network (Perceptron) Parvaneh Khosravizadeh, Mohammad Rajabpour Paper Accepted
51 1000-ICIL Review and Analysis of variance of ignorant language as the language of "Argo" (The case study of ignorant terms and analysis based on Searle categories) Samaneh Ramezani, Behzad Ghonsooly Paper Accepted
52 1081-ICIL semantic analysis of the word "dam" with regard to image schemas: polysemy or homonymy? Sepideh Abdolkarimi Paper Accepted
53 1097-ICIL Semantic Prosody in Bilingual English-Persian Dictionaries Afsane Moeeni, Shahram Modarres Khiyabani, Mohammad Karimi Behbahani Paper Accepted
54 1077-ICIL Semantic signs in “mad” tales of Attar from cultural codes’ view of Roland Barth Zahra joharchi Paper Accepted (Oral Presentation)
55 1069-ICIL (R1) Serial Verb Constructions in Persian abedeh mirzaee Paper Accepted
56 1064-ICIL Study of coordinate constructions in Persian Jalal Ahmadkhani Paper Accepted (Oral Presentation)
57 1044-ICIL Systematic Aspect Network: An account of Persian aspect system by two-valued features Zahra Abolhassani Chimeh Paper Accepted
58 1010-ICIL The Analysis and Comparison of word-formation processes in the Scientific Variety of Persian and English seyedahmoud motesharrei, رضا صحرایی, فاطمه یوسفی راد Paper Accepted
59 1014-ICIL The Assessment of Cliticization of Modal -ke in Colloquial Standard Persian based on Morphological Criteria of Zwicky and Pullum Maryam RezaAsa, Elnaz Azimi Paper Accepted
60 1046-ICIL The Cognitive Discourse Analysis of Spatio-temporal Framework in Persian-speaking Children’s Narrative Discourse Abbas Ali Ahangar, Setareh Mojahedi Rezaeian Paper Accepted
61 1070-ICIL The comparative study of information structure in middle and modern Persian Language written texts Faeghe Shahhoseini, Belghis Rovshan Paper Accepted
62 1005-ICIL The Comparison of Written Texts Produced by Native and Non-native Persian students of Elementary School Level Seyyed Behnam Alavi Moghaddam Paper Accepted (Oral Presentation)
63 1082-ICIL The Function of Image Schemata in Metaphorical Perception of Motion Verbs in Farsi: A Cognitive Approach Neda Haghighi Saber Paper Accepted
64 1059-ICIL The Persian Learner Corpus: Introducing Design Criteria, Annotation and the Corpus Tools Saeed ُSafari Paper Accepted
65 1054-ICIL The Reflection of Renewed Hegemony of Sasanian Ideology in Suppression of Mazdak Based on Culpeper's Impoliteness Model and Laclau and Mouffe's Discourse Theory Alireza Heydari Paper Accepted
66 1062-ICIL The Relationship among Intercultural Communicative Competence, Autonomy, Willingness to Communicate, and Vocabulary Acquisition of Iranian EFL Learners Hassan Soodmand Afshar, Robab Zamani Jamshidi Paper Accepted
67 1051-ICIL The study of proper names in four decades IRIB serials in terms of socio-cognitive linguistics fatemeh azimifard Paper Accepted
68 1033-ICIL The study of radial categories of “Bala and Paien” words in Persian language with cognitive approach leila fayazi barchini, Shahla Raghibdoust, Mahla Ariyanpur Paper Conditionally Accepted
69 1086-ICIL The study of the literary discourse of contemporary Persian satire based on the gender variable within the framework of the theory of Grice cooperative principle Farzane Roostaei Tocheqazi, Ferdows Aghagolzadeh Paper Accepted
70 1089-ICIL The Syntactic and Semantic analysis of Persian Periphrastic Causative Constructions within the RRG Framework mahasta Baghaee far Paper Accepted
71 1034-ICIL The syntactic structure of Persian verbal complement solmaz mahmoodi Paper Accepted
72 1035-ICIL The verb "dashtan" [to have] in Persian Mahbod Ghaffari Paper Accepted (Oral Presentation)
73 1075-ICIL Typological Study of Relativizing Strategies Based on Syntactic-Semantic Roles of Head Noun in Kilani Dialect Pooneh Mostafavi, Zahra Haji Momenie Paper Accepted
74 1065-ICIL Using Accents in the Iranian Cinema Maryam Torabi Esfahani, Golnaz Dezfouli Paper Accepted
75 1060-ICIL Web as Corpus; Shortcomings of Webidence in Research of Theoretical Linguistics Ali Reza Gholi Famian Paper Accepted (Oral Presentation)
76 1009-ICIL Word Order in German: An Information Structure Perspective Kaveh Bahrami Sobhani Paper Accepted (Oral Presentation)
77 1090-ICIL ادغام حالت ازی و بایی در زبان فارسی باستان Ehsan Changizi Paper Accepted
78 1092-ICIL آسیب شناسی رشته زبان شناسی در ایران: مطالعه ای آینده پژوهانه بر پایه الگوی تحلیل لایه ای علت ها Hossein Davari, Aida Firooziyan Pouresfahani, Ailin Firooziyan Pouresfahani Paper Accepted
79 1024-ICIL بررسی صوت شناختی واکۀ مرکب در زبان فارسی هانیه محمدی, فهیمه روحی, ماندانا نوربخش Paper Accepted
80 1025-ICIL بررسی نشانه شناختی فیلم «اژدها وارد می شود» بر اساس رویکرد نشانه شناسی لایه ای saeed - akbari Paper Accepted (Oral Presentation)
81 1027-ICIL بررسی واجی و صرفی وام واژگان در زبان کردی forouzan mohammadi Paper Accepted (Oral Presentation)
82 1052-ICIL بررسی واژه‌های مربوط به پدیده‌های طبیعی و جغرافیایی در گویش‌های آران و بیدگلی و برزکی در چارچوب زبان‌شناسی زیست‌محیطی Mahnaz Talebi Dastenaee, Fariba Ghatreh Paper Accepted
83 1023-ICIL (R1) بررسی واکه‌های پیشین گرد در گویش‌های مرکزی ایران mohammad mehdi esmaaili Paper Accepted
84 1083-ICIL تصویرگونگی ترتیب صفات در زبان فارسی Vali Rezai, فائزه سلیمی Paper Accepted
85 1093-ICIL دو زبانگی؛ تولید یا ترجمه؟ بررسی تحلیلی رفتار زبانی دوزبانه های فرانسه ـ فارسی بر اساس نظریه نئوتنی زبانی Rouhollah REZAPOUR Paper Accepted (Oral Presentation)
86 1076-ICIL ردة ساخت‏واژی فارسی امروز Fatemeh Bahrami Paper Accepted
87 1004-ICIL کاربرد ضرب‌های دکارتی در زبان‌شناسی شهلا صیفوری, ابراهیم بدخشان Paper Accepted (Poster Presentation)